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Don't Just Dance...Dance Xtreme!!!

About Us

Dance Xtreme was recently voted the CSRA's Best Dance Studio. Since 2010 we have prided ourselves in providing quality technical training to dancers of all ages in the CSRA area in multiple genres of dance. We offer recreational classes starting at age 3 in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and more. Dance Xtreme is also home to the national award winning, Xtreme Dance Team. 



Don't Just Dance...Dance Xtreme, that is our motto and we live by it. Our mission at Dance Xtreme is to make sure all of our dancers receive the best training possible. But while we create amazing dancers, it is also important to us that we help mold amazing people.  We strive to provide a safe, nurturing, environment that all of our dancers feel at home in. We believe the studio should be a dancer's second home and safe place. 


The vision for Dance Xtreme is to continue to be the CSRA's best choice for dancer's looking to grow as technical dancers and dancers that are looking for a place to grow as people. We look forward to continuing to provide our dancers with opportunities and experiences that are Xtreme.

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